Oct 05

Getting Started With Online Content Marketing

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If you are just new to internet marketing, wouldn’t it be great if someone advised you on what to and what not to do with regards to your marketing strategy? Let us give you a few pointers on that matter. Here are 7 tips every budding online content marketer should know:

  1. Content is King!

Be aware of everything that is posted on your site whether you generate your own content or outsource it to freelancers. You are responsible for everything that appears on your site and that is why you have to be aware of what content you want posted.

  1. You need to learn 2 things

(And learn them both very well)

There are only 2 points you need to know in order to be a hit online:

  1. How to generate traffic
  2. How to obtain conversions with that generated traffic

There’s a lot to know in both areas but in a nutshell that is all you really need to know well. If one of these topics is confusing for you, sign up for some training.

  1. Every Page in Your Website Should Have a Purpose

Whether it is getting someone’s name in the email or redirect visitors somewhere else like a sales page or just trying to provide high quality content ,never forget the two things. Traffic plus conversions equals success!

  1. You have 5 seconds to show your stuff

It should be clear to your audiences what your site is about.

  1. Always keeps your content FRESH

Your content should always be fresh and relevant with your social media accounts . If someone has visited your website before and encounters your Facebook page or YouTube channel, they should automatically be aware of your brand.

  1. Visitors should be able to navigate your site with ease

Make your life easy by using WordPress. Consider using WordPress for your website if you are not using it yet.

  1. Link within your site

Link your site to internal pages. If you have a lot of pages in your site, provide ease of access to your visitors by helping them go to the page or post that they want to read or view.