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Oct 20

Top Reasons Why You Need Video Marketing In Your Website

Online content marketing is getting tougher day by day. Online marketers are trying to come up with different strategies to promote a website, product, or service. One of the strategies that is fast becoming a trend is video marketing. It is estimated that video marketing will increase by 50% by 2015. Top Reasons Why You …

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Oct 05

Getting Started With Online Content Marketing

  If you are just new to internet marketing, wouldn’t it be great if someone advised you on what to and what not to do with regards to your marketing strategy? Let us give you a few pointers on that matter. Here are 7 tips every budding online content marketer should know: Content is King! …

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Sep 25

Marketing Using Google Adwords

How Does Adwords Marketing Work? Online advertising has a language all its own. if it sounds like a foreign language to you then you’re not alone. It’s important to get comfortable with the terms in order for you to make the most out of your AdWords investment. Here’s a scenario to explain further, Owen is …

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Sep 15

YouTube Video Marketing

Improving Your YouTube Video Marketing Strategy Here are some tips to improve your video marketing strategy. Many business owners are not taking advantage of this simple and obvious yet effective strategy. This marketing tip is to add your contact information and a title, and description of your video on YouTube. Pretty obvious, right? Not wanting …

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