Sep 15

YouTube Video Marketing

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Improving Your YouTube Video Marketing Strategy


Here are some tips to improve your video marketing strategy. Many business owners are not taking advantage of this simple and obvious yet effective strategy. This marketing tip is to add your contact information and a title, and description of your video on YouTube. Pretty obvious, right? Not wanting to say I told you so, but I told you so.

You’re maybe asking why this is so important. Well, let me tell you. When you get a great explainer video or animation video for  your online business, you want to take advantage of it as much as you can.  You probably spent quite a bit of money on it, so why not squeeze it for as much as you can?

The title and description you put on YouTube is the same title and description that appear in Google search results, when someone does research for you key words. Maybe you’ll ask again, well, why is that important? Let me tell you. When people are searching for local business on Google, it’s because they’re looking for a company that will fill a need that they have. When they find that company, they’re going to contact them.

Why It Is Advantageous to Add Your Contact Information

Since you have the video that’s ranked in Google and you do have a thumbnail; you’re going to get 45 percent higher click-thru rate than a standard text result. But, just because you have the video up there, that doesn’t mean that people are going to watch it. Some people may contact the first company that they see. Some people may contact several bigger quotes on services, some may make a list of everyone they find and contact them later, and some people may just be in a hurry, and be looking for contact information of any local business in our area. My point is, not everyone is going to watch the video. Some people are looking just for contact information. By adding your contact information in the title and description of your video, you can potentially get new customers without them even watching your video.

You’re using your video as a vehicle to get your contact information, right in Google search results. But hold on, before you go and do this yourself, you need to determine what contact information is going to be the best contact information for you to add into your video. Basically, it comes down to either your phone number or your address.

And it can be broken down like this. If you own a business that relies on a lot of foot traffic like a restaurant or a retail store, you probably want to put your address down, because people are going to want to know where you’re located. All you need to add is this, the number and the street name or the shopping center that you’re located in, that’s it, and they’ll be able to find you from that. If you own a service type business for people going to call to get quotes, schedule appointments, ask questions; you will need to include your phone number.

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